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Solidarity through Trade promotes international solidarity in Scotland through facilitating the availability of agricultural products from countries in struggle. It will pay particular attention to emphasising links with trade unions and other popular organisations in Scotland.

Bolivar Coffee

The first project that will illustrate this model is Bolivar Coffee, to be imported from Venezuela. This will be made available as 250g packets of roasted and ground coffee.

In order to purchase a quarter of a metric tonne (250Kg) of dried green Venezuelan coffee beans, and then process and package it into about 800 packets, we will need a budget of about £3,000. As a food product this does not incur Value Added Tax or Euro Community Import Tax as no European countries cultivate coffee commercially.

It is intended to raise this in a way that avoids enriching big banking business by asking union branches and other organisations in Scotland to purchase in advance multiples of £100's worth of roast and ground Venezuelan coffee [estimated to be approximately 40 packets, depending on the price of coffee and the exchange rate of US$].

Union officials individually anticipating support from Scottish branches and other organisations have already made significant financial commitments. Solidarity through Trade has so far received advanced purchase commitments to the value of more than £1,500 from, among others, the following organisations:


UNISON Grampian Health Branch


UNISON Scottish Health Branch


UNISON Glasgow Housing Branch

UNISON Glasgow Housing Branch recently sent the following message of support:

"Unison Glasgow Housing Branch recently passed at branch committee 15th Jan 2009 to confirm a purchase of coffee to the sum of one hundred pounds to assist in the above campaign. This is confirmation of discussion between Branch Secretary John Wright and Norman Lockhart."


UNISON North Lanarkshire Branch

Offshore Industry Liaison Committee (OILC) logo

Offshore Industry Liaison Committee (OILC)

The OILC branch of RMT recently passed the following resolution:

"The OILC Branch of RMT agrees to support Solidarity Through Trade with Venezuela by investing �200 from our political fund. We expect to receive approx �240 worth of coffee to distribute in solidarity with Venezuelan peasant coffee producers."

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